Opinion: The moral, people-based case for reinstating Ohio's renewable energy standards

Spring is usually a season of warmth, joy and hope in Ohio -- especially for the more than 80 percent of Ohioans who identify as Christian. The return of the sun thaws the cold of winter, Earth Day highlights the wonder of creation, and the remembrance of Christ's Resurrection reminds believers that we are an Easter people.
The prospect that the Ohio legislature will extend the freeze on the state renewable energy and energy efficiency standards for several more years, however, has made this season seem unseasonably cold and unusually desolate.

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In Northeast Ohio, the concept of environmental degradation is real and prolific. A study recently released identifies Cleveland as one of the most polluted cities in the United States. The "2016 State of the Air Report," produced by the American Lung Association, gave Cleveland an "F" for our number of unhealthy ozone days and a "D" for the levels of particle pollution in our air.

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